ESSE Tech Ltd.

Building Confidence with the first PaaS to certify Products and Industrial Processes



ESSE is a technology company who is building a blockchain based platform-as-a-service and a set of solutions specifically designed to automate the certification of products and industrial processes.


ESSE’s solutions facilitate the digital verification and certification of any product or industrial process in a seamless and secure environment. They enable technology-driven growth by providing access to certified information and increasing confidence in multi-stakeholder environments.


ESSE’s solutions are interoperable and work with existing applications and platforms. They cover the entire space of products including relevant process automation, provenance, traceability, audit trail, ownership rights enforcement and anti-counterfeiting.



Building Confidence: Blockchain technology enables secure, cross-entity information sharing without the need for “trust.” It is a technology layer driving transparency within multi-stakeholder ecosystems. The information is encrypted and stored in a secure way and no single entity is required to authenticate transactions because the system does it for you.

Decentralised: Relevant information can be processed by multiple entities and governance can be distributed across a set of rules with decentralised control.

Certified: Relevant information is time-stamped and tamper-proof. Hence, depending on jurisdiction, the information can be legally binding. Because the stored information is also immutable, it is also CERTIFIED.




The first Platform-as-a-Service specifically designed to automate the certification of products and industrial processes.

Using AI, blockchain and advance validation technologies, the platform can seamlessly interact with legacy applications such as ERP or any other blockchain-based solutions and protocols.

Building to or integrating with E.Platform enables customers to solve multiple business challenges while increasing operational efficiencies, transparency and confidence among partners and customers.



A solution built on-top of E.Platform to enable the digital certification and verification of testing and inspection reports within cross-border, multi-stakeholder ecosystems.

Initially designed for the Testing, Inspection and Certification sector, the application can be implemented for any business area in which there is a risk of document forgery or the need to share documents across multiple entities with confidence.  


A traceability application built on-top of E.Platform. With an iOS and Android apps, Vest enables businesses and their customers to monitor product-life-cycle processes within multi-stakeholder environments.

Vest brings to businesses proactive features that increase transparency, fight counterfeiting, improve customer engagement and strengthen brand leadership positioning.


ESSE builds blockchain based solutions designed to automate the certification of products and industrial processes.

ESSE Tech Ltd

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